Coaching Agreement


A coaching agreement is a contract between a coach and client that governs the terms of the relationship between the parties. All types of coaches should have their prospective clients sign a coaching agreement. Help reduce your liabilities, prevent lost revenue, and avoid disputes with our comprehensive Coaching Agreement.



What is a Coaching Agreement?

A coaching agreement is a contract between a coach and client that governs the terms of the relationship between the parties. Types of coaching include health coaching, business coaching, and life coaching. A coaching agreement should detail precisely what services the coach will provide and important details, such as fees, terms of the agreement, and a cancellation policy.

Who needs a Coaching Agreement?

All types of coaches should have their potential clients sign a coaching agreement. Coaching agreements are used by many coaches, such as life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, and business coaches. Having a comprehensive coaching agreement can help reduce liabilities, prevent lost revenue and avoid disputes.

What’s included in the Legal Wise Enterprise Coaching Agreement?

Legal Wise Enterprise downloadable templates come in an easy-to-use Word format. There are prompts for you to fill in and customize for your business.

Our Coaching Agreement allows you to spell out important terms, including:

  • A description of the services to be provided by the coach
  • The length of the term of the agreement, and also how it can be terminated
  • The monetary amount of the coach’s fees, as well as how the coach will be paid
  • The coach’s cancellation policy
  • A limited liability and disclaimer of warranty clause, helping to protect coaches against a potential client lawsuit
  • Standard contract provisions such as assignment, governing law, waiver, and permitting electronic signatures

We also provide a set of instructions and helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of your template purchase!

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